About Us

Virob is the face of Virob Ltd., a Digital Media Advertising and Brand Marketing Company with a clear mission of creating innovations and starting new trends in the traditional advertising industry. We are giving new dimensions to the process of ‘RETARGETING’ and ‘CONSUMER ENGAGING’ to help companies get best ROI on their promotion budgets and build long-term strategies. We are also developing a new concept of “Suspense Shopping” or “Mystery Shopping” which will help the companies identify their ‘grey areas’ and work on them.

  • MYSTERY SHOPPING- The ‘futuristico’ way!

Customized Brand Promotions

Yes we give you want you want! We promote you at the place you want, in the way you want, on the medium you want and most of the times with the budget you want! We can help you launch your brand in any of the 167 countries. Not just launching, we can help you find customers and generate robust profits. We are a passionate group of business consultants, brand strategists, designers and developers capable of getting you anything from animations to videos and event brandings to product launches to transform the way your organization looks!


This new and innovative online advertising method has emerged! It has suddenly started helping the companies generate 10X more sales on an average compared to the traditional methods.

Generally only 2-3% of ‘first time’ visitors on your website actually become your customers then what about the remaining 97-98%? We track them and show them your advertisement wherever they go online! We target them and then re-target them!

Consumer Engaging

This process has a simple methodology “Give customers what they want and they will be yours”. We help you talk to your viewers and customers through feedback surveys and engagement forms. With our leading technology and ‘Companion Model’ we get you the best of feedback straight from the end users and then also in real time!

Suspense Shopping

Suspense or Mystery shopping is a way to understand the behavior of your employees and customer service teams towards your staff. The way a customer can provide a genuine feedback on your products and services no one else can. We get you these mystery shoppers!


Hundreds of happy brands worldwide! Most of our brands stick to us year-on-year and that is due to our unparalleled philosophy of “Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction” and “No compromise on Quality”


Our reach is global and we get you the global launch advantage


For our advertisers we provide an industry renowned and amazingly easy interface to get your customer demographics in seconds and make your strategies even more robust


This is by far the biggest free trial you would have been offered! Yes we know you will enjoy it! So first TRY and then BUY our services!


We assure you high ROI backed by our innovative techniques. We have prized viewers and they can work as your sales representatives too!


We DO NOT want to loose any of you! We give you the love and care you need. Experience our customer service standards and you will fall in love with us!


We have ZERO HIDDEN COSTS. We DO NOT CHARGE if you, in any way, did not like what we offered. Our prices are most competitive


We have a unique policy of letting YOU decide the price! Yes you decide your budget and price and we will most certainly do the job for you.

  • We give you a 30 DAYS FREE TRIAL of selected services.
  • Passionate Team of Strategists
  • Brand Promotion all across 167 countries at lowest prices
  • Lowest CPMs and Best ROI
  • World Class Customer Support


  • How do you calculate the price?

    • For CPMs our calculation is simple. We buy ad impressions for you and add our margin in it to give you a final cost. There are NO CONTRACTs and NO HIDDEN CHARGES at all
    • For Global Brand Promotions we charge the least among our competitors providing the same kind of quality. Our customers love our promise of “Best Quality at most affordable rates”.
    • For Designing, Development and Video Marketing we again get you the best work at prices unthinkable!
  • How can you guarantee such high ROI?

    We know our job well and we have been doing it from last 10 years. We work on a ‘Companion Model’ where we pass on a major part of our earnings to our Companions who get the job done for the brands. We have thousands of companions registered with us globally and their viral effect gets us more! Companions as well as Companies!

  • Whom to contact regarding prices?

    You can chat with our Brand Specialists 24x7 all year around. You can also email your query to business@virob.com

    Alternatively you can call our customer service team on 1877-8-VIROB


DISCREET Media Ltd has been instrumental in creating a lot of success stories and our work has been distinguished and innovative. We have always believed in quality instead of quantity and this is what helps us deliver our customers an art unthinkable! Look at a few of our major projects undertaken in last few years:

Conceptualizing, designing and implementing a brand promotion campaign for one of the largest public transport medium in Italy. The eTRAVEL campaign!

Brand Promotion and Management activities for a lot of brands in Dubai Shopping Festival year on year.

Brand Promotion for one of the major Film Studios in Italy. The Hollywood Studio Campaign.

Viral Video Marketing for major brands like Reebok, DevoTy, Seven Eleven, Boots, SHaiL just to name a few!


For business queries, you may write to us on business@virob.com

For any feedbacks or queries, you may write to feedback@virob.com

For pricing related queries, get in touch with our key account managers on kamglobal@virob.com

To talk to our Sales or Support Team, you may call us between the business hours on 1877-877-VIROB