PASSION is one word, which thoroughly describes our team members. Be it the super specialist brand strategists or hard working web designers and the developers, our team knows what it takes to make our customers happy.

We are constantly in search of people who can fit in our above ideology and show the passion, which of course is hard to find, and that is the sole reason we nurture our people in the best possible ways with exciting remuneration and easy work atmosphere. Our team is growing as we are growing and that keeps us busy looking out for below profiles:

Current Positions

  • Brand Manager

    Position Type: Permanent

    Title: Brand Manager

    Grade: Manager/Sr Manager

    Locations: All across the world

    Job Profile:

    Virob’s Brand Manager is the person who promotes our advertising and brand promotion services to the enterprises in his designated area or location. An ideal candidate is the one with excellent communications skills and pleasing personality with a flair for customer acquisitions (B2B) and providing immaculate branding and advertising solutions to the acquired brands.

    Major KRAs:
    • Reaching out to the small, medium as well as large enterprises and brands in the designated area and detailing them about our key services.
    • Regular follow up with the brands to help them choose the best among our services
    • Once acquired, helping the brands reach their target audience and sales numbers through well laid out and customized brand promotion campaigns
    • Generating the required reports as desired by the brand to help them understand the effect of our services.
    • Maintaining high service delivery standards through constant follow-ups and periodic market research.
    • Strategizing and Implementing Visibility Campaigns for the brands in various trade fares and shopping festivals.
    • Daily Morning and EOD reporting via our Automated Reporting Systems.
    • Maintaining high conversion ratio so as to keep the revenue stream healthy at all times.
    • Achieving the set targets month on month.

    As per our policy, we have only 1-4 Brand Managers in a particular country and hence the scope of growth as well as incentives is immense. This position directly reports to the Head Office in London, United Kingdom.

  • Country Coordinators

    Base Location: Can be any of the Asia Pacific Countries.

    Job Type: Permanent

    Mandatory Language Skills : English

    Job Profile:

    Establishing and Managing operations of the company in the country which includes all of the below:

    • Managing and coordinating with the Sales Team
    • Acting as the sole representative of the company in the country
    • Playing the role of the mediator between the Board of Directors and Country’s Top Management to effectively communicate between the two.
    • Delivering speeches and guest lectures/presentations as and when required specially in the initial phases when the sales team is being recruited.
    • Keeping a close view on the revenue generations.

    Ideal Candidate is the one who is from Sales or a Training Background and willing to relocate to one of the Asia Pacific countries. The candidate should have a pleasing personality and EXCELLENT Communication Skills. The position reports directly to the Head Office in London, United Kingdom

    Candidates from European Countries will be preferred.

    Remunerations would be the best in the industry with excellent growth opportunities and exciting sops like travelling across the globe and meeting new people. Lucrative Incentive pattern is an added advantage.

  • Web Designers

    Position Type: Both Permanent as well as Temporary

    Title: Web Designer

    Grade: Executive/Sr Executive

    Locations: All across the world.

    Job Profile:

    Candidates from United Kingdom, Italy and Asia Pacific will be preferred.

    Major KRAs:
    • Meeting/liaising with clients to discuss requirements and/or project progress
    • Creating web site designs
    • Producing sample sites
    • Demonstrating and receiving feedback about draft sites
    • Keeping up-to-date with recent technological and software developments
    • Developing skills and expertise in appropriate software/programming languages including html, php etc.
    • Producing products that are user-friendly, effective and appealing
    • Working as part of a multi-disciplinary team.

    As per our policy, we have only 1-4 Brand Managers in a particular country and hence the scope of growth as well as incentives is immense. This position directly reports to the Head Office in London, United Kingdom.

  • Customer Care Executives

    Position Type: Permanent

    Title:Customer Care Officerr

    Grade: Executive/Sr Executive

    Locations: United Kingdom, Italy, and India

    Major KRAs:
    • Inbound Service Query Management
    • Continuous follow ups for resolutions of Client queries.
    • Achieving Outbound Customer Acquisition Targets
    • Morning and EOD reporting through the automated reporting mechanism.
    • Ensuring immaculate call quality and high levels of customer service.
  • Virtual Assistants