Frequently Asked Questions
  • What services does VIROB offers?

    Ans: VIROB is a Advertising and Marketing Platform and offers all the advertising and brand building solutions. We offer CPA, CPC and CPM as well as customized brand-building solutions. We offer ‘launchpad’ solutions for brands looking to launch in any of the foreign countries and ‘sales generating’ solutions thereafter.

  • What is the model we work on?

    Ans: We work on a ‘Companion Model’ wherein we have our companions or affiliates spread all across the world. The companions get rewarded when they participate in any of the brand promotion activity that we perform which means they are eager to do it. In fact with our unique system everyone profits be it the companies, the companions or the platform which is VIROB.

  • How can an advertiser check whether he is getting the promised ROI or not?

    Ans: Well this is what we specialize in. We have a user friendly and transparent interface that helps you understand what our services have done for your brand. We get you the demographics and periodic performance analytics.

  • How do I start if I want to use your services as a brand?

    Ans: You can enjoy a 30 days free trail and then subscribe to any of our services or else, you can subscribe directly by getting in touch with our sales representatives or our customer service team.

  • 7. Which all countries you are present in? Where is your office located?

    Ans: We are present worldwide. We provide our services globally. With our kind of concept we do not require front offices and that helps us to keep our overhead costs low. For back office operations we have our teams located in Italy and London, UK.