At Virob we believe in PASSION! We believe in INNOVATION! We believe in EFFICIENCY! We believe in anything and everything that can help our customers grow and achieve what they are looking for! Our team of strategists, designers, web animators and developers makes us a proud organization.

Our Founder, Mr Mark Nicolas, a visionary who has conceptualized this company is a one-man army with unimaginable capabilities of thinking futuristico. From an ordinary start up in 2005 to becoming a reliable service provider in just 5-6 years, the journey for Virob, has been far from smooth and easy. It was only due to the vast experience and immaculate knowledge of Mr Nicolas that we have been able to steer this ship in the right direction and become a company of repute.

Mr Mark Nicolas has to his credit, a 24 years of advertising experience in various top-notch organizations worldwide. He is a LLM in Media Law and also renders his legal expertise to selected companies worldwide. In one of his major assignments, he has played an active role in the creation and development of Advertising Council of Italy in mid 80s. As a key member, he has been instrumental in bringing together a lot of advertising agencies on one platform and creating a body to regulate the developments. It has been his futuristic thinking which has also helped a lot of startups like SHAIL Productions and Kangaroo Media among many others to establish their operations before he launched his own e-learning project myfuturokid in 2001 which was later taken over by one of the leading e-learning solutions providers in 2005. It was then, that the foundation of VIROB was laid and since then he has been the major strength behind this.

He has been a true visionary in his life throughout and has taken active part in a lot of social causes in Italy and UK. With his Dynamic Leadership and Unmatched Vision, not just VIROB but also its customers are bound to scale heights.